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Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

Dry Vacuum Pumps

BORA's AC series vacuum pumps allow our customers to achieve vacuum performance that is unmatched by any other oil free lobes machine.

Our products are low maintenance, produce no pollutant by products or emissions and have reduced power absorption which allows our pumps to be suitable for many more applications than traditional liquid ring or close circuit lubricant pumps.

How do we achieve this? Our pumps feature a top down flow meaning more cooling air is drawn in by lateral ducts. This cool air makes direct contact with the rotors lowering temperatures significantly and allowing the pump to function even with a closed intake port without the need of a vacuum breaker valve.


About our High Vacuum Pumps

Wilvac supply and install BORA high vacuum pumps. BORA are a leading manufacturer of high quality oil free volumetric vacuum pumps with backing pumps capable of producing a 0.001mbar vacuum with a very fast emptying time.

What are the benefits of BORA High Vacuum Pumps?

  • Rotor Profile Without Reciprocal Entrapment
    Our vacuum pumps are the only ones that have 3 lobed rotors. This unique system allows our vacuum pumps to be completely free from reciprocal entrapment.
  • Zero Friction Labyrinth Seals
    High speed usage advantage without overheating allows for faster vacuums and increased productivity


Hydrotwin Package Vacuum Units

Hydrotwin is the new series of compact high vacuum packages that guarantee a working vacuum level up to 5 mbar (absolute) and capacities up to m3/h.

Hydrotwin offers sophisticated electronic control for booster operations and has been developed to prevent risks of booster seizure in the event that operating conditions exceed allowable working parameters


Quality Standards

  • ISO 9001 Quality assurance
  • Construction with pumps of standard production
    • TRH - TRS
    • TRM TRV

What are the advantages of the Hydrotwin

  • LESS INSTALLED POWER. Reduce to a minimum the absorbed power. In comparison with the traditional systems the saving is considerable and can be in the range of 30 - 40%.
  • OVERHEATING PROTECTION. Have total protection against booster seizure that can be caused by overheating as a result of operation that is outside the allowed limits. Standard temperature sensors located in the Roots discharge casing area cannot show, in real time, possible elevated temperature of the lobes, which are normally the first components subject to thermal expansion. With the Hydrotwin temperature control is performed by monitoring the compression ratios. Electric control DVD2 works on the roots of the problem and not on the consequential causes.
  • ROOTS ROTATION FULLY ADJUSTABLE. The Roots RPM are controlled by means of an inverter that receives the signals from a PLC. Hydrotwin ensures plant optimization with best possible efficiency.
  • COMPACT DESIGN. The package design has been done studying each component with the target to enable maximum efficiency in the smaller possible space. The overall hydrotwin dimensions give ample installation possibilities.
  • EASY PLC ADJUSTMENT. In case of 'on the fly' adjustments the PLC (DVD2) installed is user friendly. It takes a few seconds to recall and change the most important parameters. This is ensuring the possibility to run the production always at best efficiency.
  • PRECISE VACUUM LEVEL SETTABLE. Set and maintain the desired vacuum level, optimizing the quality and minimizing waste in those processes where maintaining the vacuum level stability is very important to get the final product.
  • PLUG AND PLAY product. It is ready-to-use. All necessary settings have already been made at our factory. Possible adjustments, if needed, do not require qualified technicians. It takes a minute to change the few main parameters. The operating costs for electronic technicians are completely eliminated. Do not need to be interfaced to other machines.